How to cancel dri avast software?

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Canceling DRI Avast software can be a straightforward process if you follow the right steps. Whether you no longer need the software or want to switch to a different antivirus solution, this article will guide you through the cancellation process. Read on to learn how to cancel DRI Avast software and ensure a smooth transition.

How to Cancel DRI Avast Software

Step 1: Locate your Avast subscription details: Before canceling DRI Avast software, you need to find your subscription details. Open the Avast application on your computer and navigate to the “Settings” section. Look for the “Subscription” or “My Subscriptions” tab to access your subscription information.

Step 2: Contact Avast customer support: Once you have your subscription details, the next step is to reach out to Avast customer support. You can contact them through various channels, such as phone, email, or live chat. Visit the Avast website and look for the “Support” or “Contact Us” section to find the appropriate contact information.

Step 3: Provide necessary information: When contacting Avast customer support, be prepared to provide the necessary information to cancel your DRI Avast software. This may include your subscription ID, email address associated with the subscription, and any other details they may require for verification purposes.

Step 4: Follow the cancellation process: Avast customer support will guide you through the cancellation process. They may ask you to confirm your cancellation request and provide any additional information if needed. Follow their instructions carefully to ensure a successful cancellation.

Step 5: Verify cancellation: After completing the cancellation process, it is essential to verify that your DRI Avast software has been canceled successfully. Check your Avast account or subscription details to ensure that the subscription status reflects the cancellation. If you still see an active subscription, contact Avast customer support again to resolve the issue.

Alternative Methods to Cancel DRI Avast Software

Method 1: Cancel through Avast Account: If you have an Avast account, you may be able to cancel your DRI Avast software directly through your account settings. Log in to your Avast account on the Avast website and navigate to the subscription section. Look for the option to cancel or manage your subscription and follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 2: Cancel through the payment provider: If you purchased your DRI Avast software through a third-party payment provider, such as PayPal or a credit card, you may also be able to cancel your subscription through their platform. Log in to your payment provider account, locate the Avast subscription, and follow the cancellation process provided by the payment provider.


Canceling DRI Avast software requires contacting Avast customer support and following their instructions. Remember to provide the necessary information and verify the cancellation afterward. Alternatively, you can explore canceling through your Avast account or the payment provider if applicable. By following these steps, you can successfully cancel your DRI Avast software and move on to your preferred antivirus solution.


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