How to find my credit card account number?

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Finding your credit card account number is essential for various financial transactions and online purchases. Whether you need it to make a payment, verify your identity, or access your account information, knowing where to find your credit card account number is crucial. In this article, we will explore different methods to help you locate your credit card account number easily.

Check the Front of Your Credit Card

The most common place to find your credit card account number is on the front of the card itself. Typically, the account number is printed on the face of the card, either embossed or flat. It is usually a 16-digit number, divided into four groups of four digits each. Look for a series of numbers that are prominently displayed on the front of your credit card.

Check the Back of Your Credit Card

In some cases, the credit card account number may be printed on the back of the card. This is more common with newer credit cards that have enhanced security features. On the back of the card, you may find a separate panel containing the account number, along with the card’s expiration date and a three-digit security code (CVV/CVC).

Check Your Credit Card Statement

If you are unable to find your credit card account number on the physical card, another option is to check your credit card statement. Credit card statements typically provide a detailed breakdown of your transactions, including the account number associated with the card. Locate your most recent statement either in paper form or through your online banking portal, and look for the account number listed on the statement.

Check Your Online Banking Portal

If you have online banking set up for your credit card, accessing your account number becomes even easier. Log in to your online banking portal using your username and password. Once logged in, navigate to the credit card section of your account. Here, you should be able to view your credit card account number along with other account details, such as your available credit limit and recent transactions.

Contact Your Credit Card Issuer

If all else fails, or if you are unable to access your credit card account through any of the above methods, it is best to contact your credit card issuer directly. The customer service representative will be able to assist you in retrieving your credit card account number. Make sure to have your personal identification and account details ready when contacting them to verify your identity.


Locating your credit card account number is essential for various financial activities. By checking the front or back of your credit card, reviewing your credit card statement, accessing your online banking portal, or contacting your credit card issuer, you can easily find your credit card account number. Remember to exercise caution when sharing your account number and only provide it to trusted sources.


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