How to prevent someone from using a credit card to open your door?

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Credit card fraud is a growing concern in today’s digital age. While most people are aware of the risks associated with unauthorized transactions, there is another potential threat that many may not consider – using a credit card to open a door. This article will delve into the various methods and precautions you can take to prevent someone from using a credit card to gain access to your property.

Understanding the Vulnerability

Before we discuss prevention methods, it’s important to understand how this type of break-in occurs. Most traditional locksets, especially those found in older buildings, are susceptible to credit card attacks. The concept is simple – an intruder inserts a credit card between the door and the door frame, near the latch, and applies pressure to push the latch back. This allows them to open the door without a key.

Upgrading Your Locks

One of the most effective ways to prevent credit card break-ins is to upgrade your locks. Consider installing deadbolts, which provide an extra layer of security. Deadbolts are more resistant to credit card attacks due to their design and the fact that they require a separate key or thumb turn to operate. Additionally, look for locks that have anti-credit card features, such as reinforced strike plates and latch guards.

Reinforcing Door Frames

Another weak point in door security is the door frame. Reinforcing the door frame can significantly reduce the risk of credit card break-ins. One method is to install a metal strike plate with longer screws. This will make it harder for an intruder to force the door open by applying pressure near the latch. Additionally, you can consider reinforcing the door frame with metal plates or strips to make it more resistant to credit card attacks.

Using Security Devices

In addition to upgrading your locks and reinforcing the door frame, you can also utilize security devices to further enhance your protection. One such device is a door security bar. These bars are placed at the base of the door and prevent it from being forced open, even if an intruder manages to push the latch back with a credit card. Another option is a door alarm system that can detect any unauthorized attempts to open the door and alert you immediately.

Surveillance Systems

Installing a surveillance system can act as a deterrent and provide evidence in case of a break-in. Visible security cameras can discourage potential intruders from attempting credit card attacks. Additionally, if an incident occurs, the recorded footage can be used to identify the perpetrator and aid in their apprehension.


Preventing someone from using a credit card to open your door requires a combination of proper lock selection, reinforcement of door frames, and the use of security devices. By upgrading your locks, reinforcing the door frame, and utilizing security devices like door security bars and surveillance systems, you can significantly reduce the risk of credit card break-ins.


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