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Travelpayouts is a unique solution, and it is the world’s largest digital partnership platform in the travel industry. It connects over 100 travel brands and 300,000 publishers. Since 2011, Travelpayouts has already paid out over $35 million to its partners — webmasters, bloggers, Youtubers, Instagram influencers, and others.

Travelpayouts provides ample opportunities for travel bloggers and content creators to cooperate with world-famous travel brands, to choose from over 100 offers to promote, and to earn up to 70% of revenue within the platform. Travelpayouts offers 24/7 assistance as well as lots of useful materials from the free Travelpayouts Academy, from webinars, blog posts, and much more.

Below are excerpts from the many positive reviews Travelpayouts has received.

1. Travelpayouts Review 2022 Is It The Best Travel Affiliate Network? (1)

Travelpayouts is the platform that I am personally using, one that I have tried tested. What I love about it is that you can use this network no matter where you are and who your audience is. You can use this to monetize both international and local traffic, as this platform has 80 travel affiliate programs and 59 language options.

Here is what you need to know about Travelpayouts: 

  • Cookies last for 30 days in most programs.

This means that your readers will still earn you commissions even if they make a purchase 30 days after clicking on your link. It gives them time to make a decision to travel. And it gives you time to motivate them more with new content and emails. 

  • Travelpayouts has unique affiliate tools that grow conversions. 

Widgets, tables, banners, links, white label and so many more – you can choose the tool that suits your website. If this isn’t enough, I see the network making new tools and improving old ones every week. Which increases the income of Travelpayouts users like me.

  • At Travelpayouts you get high commissions.  

The network gives you around 70% of their earning. If you have to believe someone on this, it must be me, because I have seen this amount credited into my account. On average, you will get 3% of the price of a flight ticket, more than 5% of every hotel booking and up to 12% of every tour sale. 

  • You get a single payout for all programs every month.

Travelpayouts has several options for receiving the money: Paypal, Webmoney, SWIFT, Epayments, etc. You choose how you get the money, and you choose how you spend it

2. TravelPayouts Review (2022) – Is It Best Travel Affiliate Network? (2)

Travelpayouts is the largest travel affiliate network in terms of both the number of webmasters and the number of programs available.

At the moment, you can join over 80 affiliate programs through Travelpayouts. All of them are available in the Programs section on the Dashboard. 

After registration, each webmaster is granted access to a personal account, where he/she can find: complete list of affiliate programs, affiliate tools, statistics, account management options, blog news feed, useful courses and promotional codes. The most detailed statistics on sales and income are available in the dashboard, where you can see the date of sale and direction. If the advertiser shares additional data, you can also see the name of the hotel, date of stay, and other information.

There are numerous tools available to you through the Travelpayouts affiliate network:

  • Links
  • Widgets
  • Banners
  • White Labels
  • APIs
  • Landing Pages
  • And some others

Each affiliate program has its own list of available tools, which range from a few tools (such as links and banners) to a complete list, including API access.

Some of the affiliate programs at Travelpayouts offer unique tools not found elsewhere. For example, through the affiliate program (available through Travelpayouts), the search widget is available. 

3. Best Travel Affiliate Marketplace? My Travelpayouts Review (3)

Over the years, I have tried out tons of different travel affiliates – not just partners themselves like Booking, Agoda, Viator and more but also using programs direct vs various affiliate marketplaces.

Recently, I found myself looking again after CJ drove me absolutely nuts trying to get paid last year and’s dashboard took a holiday.

Add in how bad reporting is in many systems, especially for hotel affiliates, and I was ready to try something new.

A massive gripe I have with other affiliate marketplaces is how bad their reporting is when it comes to what is going on with hotel bookings.

Since affiliate commissions don’t get paid until after a stay has taken place, hotel bookings have different things that need to be shown in reporting compared to physical or digital products and I can’t work out what’s going on in platforms like CJ at all.

I was so happy to find that it’s so much clearer in Travelpayouts. You can see a taste in the screenshot above for Agoda where it’s very clear the status of any bookings made and potential income. You can also see an overall reporting screen with all affiliates that are getting clicks in your account.

But it gets even better than this.

In the actions screen, you can see everything you could possibly want to know about all transactions in your account. You can also download this into a csv file. From this, I can see details like which hotel, what dates, what country they booked from, whether they used app or not and a lot more.

There is obviously no point working with an affiliate marketplace if you won’t get paid 

Travelpayouts follow their simple and easy formula with this too.

There is a finance menu item on the left. Simply click on this and you can find every bit of detail you could ever need.

The balance area has all transactions that have payments that are finalised and waiting to be paid to you. The Payments tab has payments that have been made to you and the Payment details tab is where you set up how you will be paid.

4. Travelpayouts calls themselves “The Ideal Travel Program to Monetize Your Travel Website (4)

The platform covers a wide range of services and integrates over 90 travel affiliate programs like, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide,, and more. Average commission rates are up to 3% for flight tickets, up to 10% for hotel bookings, and up to 12% for tours/experiences.

5. How to monetize a travel blog with Travelpayouts affiliate platform (5)

For those who don’t know yet, affiliate marketing works like this: you place a relevant link of a service to your website, and once a reader makes a purchase with your link (for example, reserves a hotel, buys an experience or a flight via that link through the website) you receive a part of that income. This is called the cost-per-action (CPA) model.

To start earning this way, you have to join an affiliate network. You can check out, or others separately, or go with Travelpayouts, which hold various offers under one roof building a network, hence – it’s called network. Commission fees vary depending on segment and advertiser. With Travelpayouts, for example, you can earn up to 25% of the total order value. For instance, you will get up to 3% of the flight tickets, up to 10% of the hotel bookings, and up to 8% of experiences you helped to sell through your blog.

6. Is Travelpayouts Worth It? 7 Pros and 3 Cons! (6)

If you love traveling like me then Travelpayouts is something you probably want to look at. Sure Covid-19 has hurt the travel industry, but people have been stuck at home too long and are dying to travel. It’s pent-up demand!

  • Travelpayouts is one of the BEST affiliate networks for the travel niche and is worth joining! It’s very convenient to join 1 travel network instead of many different programs.
  • The second big advantage to this affiliate network is you only have to sign up for this site and you get access to 90 affiliate programs for the travel niche. The payment comes from 1 company and all the customer service is from 1 company, so it’s very simple.
  • You don’t have to manually apply to each travel affiliate program, which can be a pain.
  • The third benefit is there is an affiliate [refferal] program if you want to recruit affiliates. It’s very nice to have and you earn money on what the affiliates you referral earn.
  • The fourth benefit is it seems very transparent from what I’ve seen. They tell you the commission rates and cookie duration of each program. You can see how many people click your affiliate links and all the sales you have gotten.
  • The fifth benefit is if you enjoy traveling you can click on your own affiliate links and get a discount. 90% of the time you will probably save more money using travel payouts.

7. Why is Travelpayouts convenient and effective for bloggers? (7)

The ability to connect to dozens of affiliate programs through a single platform is incredibly convenient. You can manage all programs from one dashboard, view and analyze detailed statistics, and, if necessary, get support for any of the programs.

The Travelpayouts support service operates seven days a week and is ready to promptly answer any question…

To make running your online business even easier, you will find bonuses in your Travelpayouts account for the most necessary services, including domains, texts, graphics, and courses. These services and more are necessary for every affiliate marketer.

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