Top SEO tips to increase your business’ visibility

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We have compiled a list of SEO tips that will help you maximize exposure and attract more customers.

The SEO services you select, are an important aspect for any company. Therefore, select an SEO services provider that helps you rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. The first step is to make sure your website loads quickly. Next, create quality content with keywords in mind. Once this has been done, start publishing blog posts regularly or publish new web pages about products or services relevant to your industry. You can also use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter which allow users to advertise their brand without spending too much money on advertising campaigns ‍‎to reach more people. You could utilise all the above listed benefits when you decide to select best SEO company UK for your business website.

Use Keywords in your Website’s Title and Header Tags

A great way to do this is by using keywords in your website’s title and header tags. Keywords can help search engines determine the subject of your website, and using them in these areas can help your site rank higher in search results.

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

“The most popular way to access the Internet is currently through mobile devices. More than 50% of all page views come from smartphones, and it’s only expected that this percentage will continue to grow. So if your company doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website or app yet, you might want to get on it!”    “The good news is, with a little work and some attention; you can make sure your site is ready for prime time.”

Optimize for Social Media Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn

Do you know how to optimize your blog posts for social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn? In this post, we’ll walk through some tips on formatting your posts so they get the most visibility.

1) Use a headline that is catchy but also informative.

2) Keep it short.

3) Include images if possible!

4) Share with social media buttons at the top or bottom of the post so readers can share too!

5) Add in hash tags for keywords related to your content.

6) Let people know what else you’re up to and want them to see by adding in links back to other recent blog posts or pages on your site when appropriate.

7) You can add an image caption below or above the featured image.

Create an Email Newsletter to Share with Prospects, Clients, and Current Customers

If you are looking for a way to keep in touch with your prospects, clients, and current customers, consider creating an email newsletter. This can be a great way to share news, updates, and promotional information with your audience. To get started, choose a template that fits your branding, create content that is relevant to your audience, and send out regular updates. By using an email newsletter as part of your marketing strategy, you can keep your audience engaged and connected with your brand.

Keep up with changes to Google’s algorithms to keep one step competitive!

Google is always changing the way it ranks to provide better search results. Here are a few changes you may not have noticed yet!

1) If your site has an HTTPS protocol, your rankings will get a boost in Google’s algorithm. This change goes into effect on April 20th, 2018.

2) The “mobile-friendly” label no longer exists for individual pages but instead depends on if the entire website is mobile-friendly or not, ranking higher than sites that are not mobile-friendly. The update goes into effect on April 21st, 2018.

3) On March 8th of this year Google updated its Panda algorithm which penalizes spam content and rewards high-quality content that is relevant to users’ queries.

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